Meet our Masters

To respect ourselves and others
To be responsible individuals
To be mindful of our surroundings
To protect the ones we love
To use karate in a positive way and gain strength from above to obtain peace.

My name is Alastair Santos. I am an experienced martial arts instructor. I started learning martial arts when I was nine years old, and still train to this day. For over fourteen years I have studied several different martial arts and gained the perspective of many different instructors from over seas and across the country. I have specialized in many different Asian martial arts weapons and has truly become one of my more enjoyable practices. After all this time, and through all the hard ship, I still submit myself to be a student of life with a mission from god to teach the craft which he has bestowed upon me. I have spent some time in the medical field, learning the body mechanics of the human anatomy. Because of this, my standards are able to contour to different people of all shapes and sizes, making my programs adaptable to everyone. The art of karate has done so much for me as far applying its principles to life in general. I can honestly say it can do the same for any who are open to learn and lead a positive, aggressive, and meaningful life style.

Sensei Alastair Santos