Welcome to our Digital Dojo

Along with my colleagues, whom I have known and studied martial arts with for many years, we can make sure that you master the craft you have chosen. We provide a unique method of training to help you understand the art, through one on one instruction. It is a difficult, although not impossible, task to train a massive amount of students in one session and have all of them fully understand the criteria. Instead we come to you and concentrate on only you so that the quality is 100 percent every time.Our services cover a wide variety of skills catered to what you are looking for. From defensive and protective to competition and leisure learning. And we provide all the learning material.

Put some bling in your life. Train for competition and win medals and trophies, gain recognition, respect and honor. Join hundreds of others in competition and gain life long associates.

Our woman's self defense program will guarantee that ladies and women will stay protected when they go out into the world. These days women can not afford to be vulnerable to attack. Join our Women's self defense program and gain a piece of mind and learn to protect yourself. Ask yourself this " What is going to happen if I get attacked?"

Parents turn your children into champions in the ring and most importantly at school. We teach children to use their minds first and to use the strength in their voice before using their hands. Turn them into leaders with their peers and build a persona that no one can easily push over. If children have confidence in their craft, they take that confidence with them to what ever they do. Confidence is leadership.

Give us a call. Explore the potential of your body, expand your knowledge on human body mechanics, get trained to protect yourself and the ones you love. And exercise your mind to be aware of your surroundings 24/7.