Ask the Masters

Why Shorin Karate? How does it differ from other forms of martial arts?
Shorin ryu karate is one of the original karate styles that came from Okinawa. The art is more fluid rather than stiff and robotic

How young can my children be to start in your program?
Children can be as young as five years old to start learning karate

What kind if benefits can I obtain from learning karate? 
Karate enhances your body to be more aware of the world around you.

Do you have to have a uniform to start and train in your program?
No, you do not. Only if you are training for competition.

Do I have to buy my own weapons?
Yes you do. We will provide foam weapons to train with.

What kind of training can i expect from your organization?
We incorporate resistance training as well as conditioning so your body can perform techniques more easily.