Weapons Training

Weapons training

Learn ancient arts of the extension and projection of your body. Learn the exquisite and precise form and sparring techniques of Asian martial arts weapons. We teach a wide variety of weapons. From the mighty sword of the samurai, to the famous Bruce Lee nunchaku. All of the weapons we teach are honored in most martial arts competition. Win trophies and medals and look good doing it. For law enforcement personal, I can teach you how to be more proficient and conservative with the baton. Weapons throughout history have been used to make combat easier. They enable you to finish the fight faster so you can move on. 

Weapons of any kind (fake or real) should never be treated lightly. Doing so can cause major injury to yourself and those around you. Do not use weapons unless you are certified by a professional. Using weapons in public can and may result in jail time. 


 The art of stick fighting. From the Philippines this is my pride and joy and weapon of choice. The style of
fighting is called Arnis.


Probably the most common and practical weapon, the motions with this weapon and the motions of the kali arts go hand in hand.


The famed sword from Japan. Much discipline and strength is required to control this weapon. With time and practice this weapon is said to reflect the individual using it.


Made popular by Bruce Lee this weapon makes a good companion to have in a bind. Its fast and memorizing movements confuses your opponent making it you very unpredictable.  


One of the oldest weapons in history, the bo staff keeps the distance between you and your opponent. And also acts as a formidable striking weapon.
This pair of batons make perfect offensive and defensive weapons and probably one of the more flashy weapons.